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Nath M., CFO Recommends Della Stein

“I have had the pleasure of working with Della over the last year, in my new role as the CFO. Della's expertise in corporate and contract law has been tremendously valuable to me and the organization. Besides having the requisite legal background and expertise, what sets Della apart, in my mind, is her promptness, keeping her clients in the loop on timelines, the highest level of professionalism and service-orientation, and a demeanor that reflects the rigor required for success with a sense of humility and service in all of her interactions. Her work on a small provision in one of our contracts regarding asset ownership and our rights and the enforceability of the same is a small example of how much value Della brings to her client relationship and the level of professionalism and competence brought to bear on representing and serving her clients' interests. I cannot say enough good things about Della and it's my privilege to know Della and provide this testimonial.”

– Nath M., CFO

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