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Debt and Bankruptcy Lawyer in California

Debt in California can destabilize a person, a family, or a business. It can make moving forward with life activities or business operations challenging. You may plan. You may struggle. You may make genuine efforts to get ahead, but simply cannot. You need a fresh start or a reboot. Sometimes that means filing for bankruptcy. Other times that might mean another form of debt relief or debt reorganization. The important thing is knowing there are solutions.

Understanding Bankruptcy in California

Bankruptcy law provides individuals and businesses with a legal framework to address overwhelming debt and financial difficulties. Bankruptcy offers a fresh start by allowing debtors to eliminate or restructure their debts under the supervision of a court. 

But filing for bankruptcy, whether it's for yourself or a business, is a long, tedious process that must be undertaken carefully and with relevant deadlines in mind. The law is very specific as to what must be done in order for the bankruptcy to be successful. Creditors may choose to challenge your bankruptcy so that they can uphold their rights during the bankruptcy. These challenges, however, can complicate the process. 

At Della Stein Law, we know what your rights are as well as the rights of creditors, and use this knowledge to ensure we keep the bankruptcy moving along with minimal delays, if any. 

Our bankruptcy legal services include but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing and analyzing your financial situation
  • Advising you on your best legal options
  • Preparing your bankruptcy paperwork
  • Filing your bankruptcy paperwork
  • Representing you at hearings

Your success at filing for bankruptcy or committing to a debt relief program is dependent on the decisions you make, so make sure they are informed decisions. Our bankruptcy team will do the due diligence, keep you informed, and help you get back on the right financial track.  

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