Beware of Pitfalls Hidden in Vendor Contracts

Posted by Della Stein | Jun 26, 2024 | 0 Comments

Acquiring goods and services are critical to growing your business and making the operations more efficient. You want to move quickly. You need to close the deal so you can move on to the next thing. But you also know solid contracts are vital to protect your business if the vendor relationship later goes sideways. Slow down to consider the top three pitfalls to watch out for as you review and negotiate your vendor contracts:

1. Overlooking Ambiguous Terms

Terms that are ambiguous and unclear can lead to misunderstandings and disputes once the shiny wears off the deal. Watch out for unclear terms in provisions describing payment terms and the scope of work. Make sure payment schedules, due dates, and penalties are clear. Clearly specify the services or goods you will receive to avoid surprises.

2. Ignoring Termination Clauses

Termination clauses describe how you or the vendor can end the contract. Make sure you understand the conditions for ending the contract and the process for doing so.

3. Neglecting Liability and Indemnity Provisions

These very important provisions outline the financial and legal responsibilities of both you and the vendor. Ensure liability caps are reasonable and don't leave you exposed to excessive risks. And make sure the indemnification clause is balanced and doesn't unfairly burden your business.


With your experience and knowledge about your business, you're more than capable of negotiating and advocating for yourself in these deals. However, the complexities of some contract terms make having access to legal expertise invaluable. An attorney can confirm your instincts, clarify terms, and ensure your contracts are in your best interest. If you'd like the advantage of professional legal advice on your next deal, contact the Law Office of Della Stein. We can help protect your business from unforeseen challenges.

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